Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer affecting men, mostly after 50 years of age. The cancer cells in this area have the ability to stay dormant for many years without any symptoms.

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Know About Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer affecting men, mostly after 50 years of age. The cancer cells in this area have the ability to stay dormant for many years without any symptoms. They grow very slowly, but sometimes very quickly and spread and affect the other parts of the body.

Prostate cancer: Symptoms

Men with the following symptoms should get yourself checked thoroughly.

  • Inability to urinate

  • Blood in semen or urine

  • Weak or interrupted urine flow

  • Painful ejaculation

  • Nagging pain/stiffness in back, pelvis, hips or upper thigh

  • Dysuria (pain or burning during urination)

Prostate cancer
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How is Prostate Cancer Diagnosed?

The prostate specific antigen test ( PSA & DRE Test)- This test measures the level of PSA, a type of protein in blood. If the level of the antigen increases, it is indicative of prostate cancer. Digital rectal exam is performed by the physician to examine the prostate by inserting lubricated finger into the rectum and checking for lumps or irregularities in the size and shape of the prostate gland.

Biopsy – This is the procedure by which surgeon will remove a small piece of tissue using a needle. The pathologist will then examine and confirm the result based on the Gleason score, if high indicates prostate cancer.

Bone Scan: Bone scan tells if the cancer has spread to the bones or not. The doctor injects small amount of radiation dye into the veins which accumulates in bones that have been damaged by cancer.

MRI or CT Scan : A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerised tomography (CT) scan is also used to detect the location of the cancer.

Advanced Treatment Options for Enlarged Prostate, Prostatis and Early Stage Prostate Cancer

Medical Management of BPH

Benign prostate hyperplasia is a process of cell multiplication, which, if increased, can lead to prostate cancer. Medication is the first line of defense when it comes to treating BHP.

Surgical Treatment Approach

Surgery is the most common way by which prostate cancer can be removed. below are the advanced methods performed for prostate cancer surgery in India:

  • Radical Prostectomy Prostate Surgery – In this case, the whole prostate and surrounding tissue are removed. The surgeon removes the prostate gland, seminal vesicles or the area where the prostate meets the bladder. After this a catheter (a narrow rubber tube), is put in the bladder to carry urine out of the body until the area heals.

  • Robotic Prostate surgery – The world’s most advanced robotic prostatectomy surgery available is the da Vinci Surgical System which is now the preferred choice of prostate cancer patients due to its many advantages like minimal bleeding, Significantly Less pain, Reduced use of pain medication and quick recovery.

  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostectomy Surgery – In this procedure, several small incisions are made in the abdomen. Laparoscopy and other modern instruments are then inserted through these incisions to remove cancer cells.

Advanced Treatment Options for Enlarged Prostate

Advantages of Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer

Minimal scarring – Since this is minimally invasive procedure where instead of having a 5 or 6” incision to the skin and abdominal fascia, patients have a series of small “band-aid” incisions and there is very little to no visible scarring at all on the abdomen.This surgical procedure also reduces the scarring caused on the inside of the prostate.

Shorter Hospital Stay - With smaller incisions, the postoperative pain is significantly less, which means your length of hospitalization is shorter.

Superior clinical results & Quick recovery : Excellent Cancer Cure Outcome, Quicker healing time, Faster return to Work and Good quality Life.

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