Lung Cancer Treatment in India

When out-of-control cell growth occurs in one or both lungs, lung cancer is confirmed. It can arise in any part of the lungs,

Lung Cancer Treatment at Affordable Cost From Best Hospitals in India

India is a country where lung cancer is the most common cancer and cause of cancer-related mortality among men. However, the country does have exceptional techniques and technology to treat lung cancer, thanks to the world-class cancer specialist and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools and devices.

Know About Lung cancer

When out-of-control cell growth occurs in one or both lungs, lung cancer is confirmed. It can arise in any part of the lungs, but the majority of the times, lung cancer occurs in the epithelial cells. It is predominantly seen in elderly people. Almost 70% of people diagnosed with lung cancer are over 65 years of age. Cigarette smoking is the undeniable cause of the lung cancer, but passive smoking and air pollution too are contributors.

Lung Cancer Treatment at Affordable Cost

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Some of the symptoms of lung cancer include:

  • A long-standing cough that gets worse

  • A cough that doesn’t go away after two or three weeks

  • Persistent chest infections

  • Coughing up blood

  • Persistent breathlessness

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Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Cancer specialists in India use the following to diagnose lung cancer:

Physical examination – Imaging with chest X-ray and CT scan are done to identify lung cancer.

Bone scans – It is used to create images of bones on a computer screen or on film

Positron emission tomography – This is a molecular imaging method that detects metabolic changes in tumor cells. In this imaging technique, short-lived radioactive drugs are used to produce three-dimensional colored images of the substances in the tissues within the body, in a growing tumor.

Needle biopsy – This is done using FNA (fine needle aspiration) through the skin, with the help of radio logical images, for retrieving cells for diagnosis from tumor nodules in the lungs.

Diagnosis of lung cancer

Most Advanced & Latest Treatment For Lung Cancer

Treatments Options

The treatment of lung cancer depends on various factors like type of cancer and age of the patient, stage of cancer and overall health of the patient. Radiation, surgery and chemotherapy are considered the major lung cancer treatment options.

Surgical Treatment Approach

Based on the severity of the tumour, part of the lung or all of the lung can be removed through surgical interventions. Lobectomy is the most common lung cancer surgery, where a surgeon removes the tumour as well as a lobe of the lung.

Chemotherapy Treatment Approach

Chemotherapy interferes with cell division process of the malignant cells and damages their DNA or proteins in the process. The aim of this treatment is to rapidly divide the cells. The normal cells can be recovered from any chemical-induced damage, whereas cancer cells cannot be recovered. The medicines in chemotherapy travel in a systematic way by passing through the complete body and destroying the original tumour cells that have spread from the lungs to other parts of the body.

Radiation Therapy Treatment Approach

Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays or other types of radiation toLung-Cancer-Treatment-india kill dividing cancer cells. It may be given as curative therapy, palliative therapy (using lower doses of radiation than with curative therapy), or as adjuvant therapy in combination with surgery or chemotherapy. Radiation therapy generally only shrinks a tumour or limits its growth when given as a sole therapy, yet in 10%-15% people it leads to long-term remission and palliation of the cancer. Radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy can further prolong survival when chemotherapy is administered. External radiation therapy can generally be carried out on an outpatient basis, while internal radiation therapy requires a brief hospital stay.

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