Liver Cancer Treatment in India

Hepatocellular carcinoma or liver cancer is one of the commonest cancers in the world. It may be caused by other diseases

Liver Cancer Treatment at Affordable Cost From Worldclass Cancer Hospitals in India

Worldclass Cancer Facility hospitals in India provides the most comprehensive care for patients with liver cancer, including advanced diagnosis and best treatment options. With some of the best team of Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists and other medical specialists, we promises to deliver a high standard of treatment to liver cancer patients.

Know About Liver Cancer

Hepatocellular carcinoma or liver cancer is one of the commonest cancers in the world. It may be caused by other diseases that lead to cirrhosis of the liver, such as Hepatitis C infection and alcohol abuse. Since it does not have obvious symptoms, liver cancer often goes unnoticed until it reaches the last stage.

Liver Cancer Treatment
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Diagnosis of liver cancer

Medical oncologists suggest the following tests to confirm diagnosis of liver cancer:

Blood tests – The blood tests include liver enzyme test and a serum marker test. An underlying liver problem is indicated with the help of liver enzymes. The measurement of some substances associated with cancer can be done by performing the serum marker test.

Angiogram – A dye is injected into an artery, which helps to show clear and precise images of tumours and liver tissues.

Laparoscopy – It is performed to observe the liver and surrounding organs within the abdominal cavity. A laparoscope can also be used along with a biopsy.

Liver biopsy – A liver biopsy is taken by inserting a thin needle through the skin to remove a tiny piece of tissue to determine whether the cancer is a true liver cancer or a metastasis from a cancer located elsewhere in the body.

Biopsy – A small tissue from the pancreas is removed and checked in the laboratory by a pathologist.

Bone scan – It is used to check if the cancer has spread into the bone.

Most Advanced Treatment Options available for Liver Cancer at Top Cancer Hospitals in India

Surgical Treatment Approach

Surgery is likely to be the most successful disease-directed treatment, particularly for patients with small tumours. The cancer-causing tumour and surrounding tissue are removed through this process.Below are the advanced surgical treatment modalities performed at India Cancer Hospitals for liver cancer surgery in India.

Liver Transplant Surgery

A liver transplant may be the best option for some people with small liver cancers. These transplants are reserved for those with small tumours (either 1 tumour smaller than 5 cm across or 2 to 3 tumours no larger than 3 cm) that have not invaded nearby blood vessels. Transplant is used for tumours that cannot be totally removed, either because of the location of the tumours or because the liver is too diseased for the patient to withstand removing part of it.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Hepatectomy Liver Cancer Surgery

In this type of surgery, a portion of the liver is surgically removed. A Hepatectomy can be done only if the cancer is in one part of the liver, and the other part of the liver is working well. The remaining section of liver takes over the functions of the entire liver and may regrow to its normal size within a few weeks.

Chemotherapy Treatment Approach

Chemotherapy is a treatment where a drug is injected into the hepatic artery and enters the bloodstream and kill cancer cells.

If cancer cells have broken off from the tumour and are somewhere else in the body, chemotherapy has the chance of finding those cells and killing them.

Radiation Therapy Treatment Approach

High energy X-rays are delivered only in the areas at highest risk for cancer in this method. As cancer cells are not as good as normal, healthy cell at repairing their DNA damage, radiation results in relatively more damage to the cancer cells than to normal cells.

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