Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Colon cancer or bowel cancer or colorectal cancer is the cancer of the large intestine. It starts as small and non-cancerous clumps of the cells known as adenomatous polyps.

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Know About Colon Cancer

Colon cancer or bowel cancer or colorectal cancer is the cancer of the large intestine. It starts as small and non-cancerous clumps of the cells known as adenomatous polyps. Over time, some of these polyps become colon cancers. They start as a small proliferated, ulcerated lesions or thickenings in the innermost layers of the bowel lining.

If left untreated, they grow in size, extend through the wall to adjacent organs, involve nearby lymph nodes and at later stages involve the liver and other distant organs. Colorectal cancer is the third most prevalent cancer diagnosed in the world, with more frequency in men than women.

Colon Cancer Treatment in India
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Diagnosis For Colon cancer

In India, the following tests are used to diagnose colon cancer:

CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen Assay): It is a Colon_Cancer-treatment-in-indiablood test which measures the level of CEA. The normal as well as cancer cells release CEA in the bloodstream. When the CEA is found in large amounts then it indicates colon cancer.

Colonoscopy: It is performed by inserting an endoscope to clearly view the colon and rectum from within. This test helps to ascertain the presence of cancer, polyps or abnormal areas within the rectum and colon.

Proctoscopy: A proctoscope is a thin and tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing internal organs. It is inserted into the rectum to check for the presence of cancer or polyps.

Digital Rectal Exam (DRE): This is a test of the rectum. Gloved and lubricated finger is inserted into the lower part of the rectum to feel for the presence of lumps or abnormality in the lining of the rectum.

Diagnosis of colon cancer

Advanced Treatment Options available for Colon Cancer at World class Cancer Facility Hospitals

Surgical Treatment Approach

It is the mainstay of treatment and is involved in block removal of a diseased segment with adequate margins, surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. There are many different types of surgeries to treat colon cancer.

Polypectomy: If the cancer is found in a polyp, it is often removed during a colonoscopy.

Resection: A section of the rectum with cancer and nearby healthy tissues are removed, if the malignancy has spread to the walls of the rectum. Sometimes, the tissue between the rectum and abdominal cavity and nearby lymph nodes are also removed.

Local excision: The cancer and a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue are removed if the cancer has not spread.

Pelvic exenteration: If the cancer has spread to other organs near the rectum, the lower colon, rectum and bladder are removed. In men, the prostate may be removed; while in women, the cervix, vagina, ovaries and nearby lymph nodes are removed.

Radiation Therapy Treatment Approach

In this colon cancer treatment, high-energy beams or other types of radiation are given to the patient to kill the cancer cells. A radioactive substance sealed in catheters, needles wires or seeds is placed close to the cancer in the case of internal radiation. In external radiation, linear accelerators outside the body are used for sending radiation to the cancer.

Chemotherapy Treatment Approach

This is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells, either by killing the cells or by stopping the cells from dividing.

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