Bone Cancer Treatment in India

Bone cancer is considered a rare cancer. Cancer that originates in bone is called primary bone cancer. It can develop on all types of bone tissue.

Bone Cancer Treatment At Affordable Cost From Best Hospitals in India

India has some of the best cancer hospitals that deliver highest quality service and advanced oncology care. People suffering from bone cancer can expect a supportive and compassionate environment. A team of the world’s most skilled and knowledgeable cancer specialists are now available in India who work together to treat each bone cancer patient with the best available treatment plan.

Know About Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is considered a rare cancer. Cancer that originates in bone is called primary bone cancer. It can develop on all types of bone tissue and also in the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow like leukemia and multiple myeloma. It can start in any bone in the body and mostly long bones that make up the legs and arms are affected.

Bones are a specialized type of dense tissue (called osseous tissue) that comprises the framework of the body. Normal bone tissue is destroyed by this cancer and can spread to different body parts (known as metastasis).

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Diagnosis of Bone cancer

The following tests are often used to confirm bone cancer in a patient:

Biopsy - A sample of tissue from the tumour is removed for laboratory testing. Testing is done to find out whether the tissue is cancerous and if so, what the type of cancer it is. Testing may also reveal the cancer’s grade, which helps oncologists understand how aggressive the cancer is.

CT and MRI scan of the bones – Imaging test is performed to find out the exact location and condition of cancer.

X-ray – Any abnormal bone growth that could be a possible symptom for bone cancer can be found through X-ray.

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Most Advanced & latest Bone cancer Treatment in India at Worldclass Cancer Facility Hospitals

Surgical Treatment Approach

Surgical treatment for bone cancer that has not spread involves removing the cancerous tissue and a small portion of healthy bone tissue surrounding it. Some tumours may require chemotherapy or radiation therapy in addition to surgical treatment.

Radiation Therapy Treatment Approach

This treatment uses a specific type of high energy beams to shrink tumours or eliminate cancer cells. Radiation therapy works by damaging a cancer cell’s DNA, making it unable to multiply. Although it can damage nearby healthy cells, cancer cells are highly sensitive to radiation and typically die when exposed to radiation. Healthy cells that are damaged during the treatment are more resilient and are often able to fully recover.

Chemotherapy Treatment Approach

Chemotherapy is an important part of the treatment for most osteosarcomas, spindle cell sarcomas and Ewing’s sarcomas. It is usually given before performing surgery or radiotherapy. If given before surgery, it can shrink the tumour and make it easier to remove. This also reduces symptoms such as pain and minimizes the possibility of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. If you have an osteosarcoma or Ewing’s sarcoma, you will also have chemotherapy after surgery or radiotherapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of the body.

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